My world does not belong to me…=)

there is so much truth in my title statement… SO much truth… I could go on…and on… and on…

today I will focus on the facts in that truth that have kept me  MIA lately…

My sweet Abby girl is in 7th grade… in the youth group at church…

I volunteer my crafty self to help with said youth group – such a blessing ~

recently I volunteered to pull together a not so Halloween halloween party for said youth since Halloween night falls on a youth group night!! =)

I figured the project would take me 1/2 or 1/3 of the time it actually did…

typical me… underestimating time!! =)  thus … no blog time at all…

I barely managed to home school Sammy the last couple weeks!

we did a LOT of art this month … before, during and after Grammar, Math, Social Studies (wait dropped the ball on that subject), Science, Spelling, Reading, etc.etc. it has been So. Much.Fun.  planning a giant board game is a hoot!

I  even took pics for the last couple Scavenger Hunt Sundays… yet failed to post.  time.  never enough time.

Want to see what has kept me away from the land of blog for 3 weeks?? =)

Scavenger Hunt Photo style of course!!

Sneak Peek of Life Sized……! =)


I drew and painted this sign… for our Life Sized CandyLand Board Game… the one we are going to play with the Youth Group “kids” at church on Halloween!  it is going to be SO. MUCH.FUN.  =)  it has been a blast planning it… exhausting.. but right up my alley!!  (i’m getting old!)…


these sparkly babies are now gumdrops for our life sized game =) … Sammy and I paper mached (spelling?) these balloons for art one day.. ALL day. =)  they were my pink picture … last week or the week before?  anywho… I’ll show you the final product after our wild and crazy not so halloween-Halloween party! =)


Sammy copied the patterns of the original little itty bitty board pieces and made these giant guys… cute!! love how well he pulled this project off… the youth group kids will actually be the board pieces…but we thought it would be fun to use these guys as decorations! =)

we’ve made a lot of patterned things this month… again…. you’ll have to wait til next week to see all the life sized patterns!!   snicker, snicker!!

but.. after a month of putting it off… last night I sewed Abby her “Ribbon Girl” costume… instead of getting my blog post up only one day late (sigh)… its 2 days late b/c my little girl needed her costume! =) anywho… I made a Pattern with the ribbon colors and sizes… =)

her and her friends are going as craft supplies… Ribbons, glitter, feathers… tule… too funny! =)  it is not quality sewing folks… but I got it done in a couple hours  and she is going to be SO. Cute! =)


i love this dusty ol machine… hello baby.. .its been a while! =)

The highlight of my busy month was taking an afternoon off and zipping up North a wee bit to see/meet my sweet blog friend Naomi… we’ve been blog pals for a couple years now… we share a few passions… our love for God, the beautiful outdoors, camping (ok I am a wimpy camper…but she loves me anyway right?)… sewing, cooking, cast iron pans, coffee, homeschooling, reading,  coffee… did I say that already?!  anyway you get the idea!… we only lived a couple hours away from each other… and in the last year… only 45 minutes away from each other… yet we never managed to meet!! …until last week… the day before she moved across the States!!  ack!! *sigh* ta ta for now Naomi…=( I hope we get to play in person again one day! it was a blessing to meet you…Thank you for giving me a few of your last hours in Tacoma… =)

oh… and she has that sweet baby who  stole my heart!! =)

I also brought Abby to meet her girls… and though our girls vary in age… they got along swimmingly… (why do people say that?)!

we started off our day in a lovely little lighthouse park.. on the shore… with lots of ROCKS and STONES… the girls played on them for a while… until they found a few fabulous pieces of drift wood (kinda)… and built a fort together… it was SO cute!!

*I didn’t forget the last Scavenger Hunt prompt for the week…

Rocks/Stones (in the background!)

the proud finder of this fabulous fort stick!~! I love this pic Naomi!!

I really wish I had taken that fabulous stick home with me… I loved it!!

i could drive 45 minutes to see if it is still there…. hm….. =)

anyway…  tonight we transform the church into a Life Sized Candyland Board Game… I am now in panic mode… I better scoot!! =)  I’ll be around to visit soon… I miss y’all out there in the land o blog!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!



Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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  • 1 Jen yazmış:

    What? We’re not late…the linky is still open…

    I love the lifesize Candyland idea. Sounds like fun!

  • 2 Jean yazmış:

    What? Life size Candy Land game? That’s pretty sweet!
    I know. I haven’t sewn in quite a while.. I hope that I will, soon. When time allows…. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Always nice to see visitors! 🙂

  • 3 Kim C. yazmış:

    Your life sized Candyland looks amazing! Sounds like a very busy time.

  • 4 Danelle yazmış:

    You have been working on some great projects. Love the life-size Candy Land!

  • 5 No Greater Love yazmış:

    Oh my, you are CRAFTY…I love this. 🙂 I can’t wait to read more of your blog….You seem like a VERY fun mom. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your Scavenger Hunt for this week. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed the prompts for this coming week’s hunt. 🙂 So nice to meet you!!!!

  • 6 naomig @ the happy sanitarium yazmış:

    Ahhhh!! your photos are great!! this is the first post i’m visiting in an effort to get caught up on my list of blog posts to read that I am so horribly behind on. You captured our time together perfectly, both in words and pictures. I love it!! I am SO glad that we got together, and I can’t wait to do it again, when we visit. 🙂 Also, I’m very glad neither of us ended up being axe murderers. hahaha! Hugs!