Life Sized Candyland ~ plus plus

Sunday Scavenger Hunt – Candyland style ~ plus a few extras from my busy week/life as it applies to the prompts!  =) this weeks photography prompts were Classic, Welcome, Vibrant, Adventure and Wild! =)


so while shopping at world market the other day I stopped to admire this beautiful vintage typewriter art and my 10 year old son says: “mommy what is that?”… CLASSIC!!  I about died laughing… poor kid… I guess we’ve never had the opportunity to introduce a typewriter to him.  and never mind he is visually impared… so if he has ever seen one… how clearly did he see it? =)


some of you who visited last week know… the vibrant colors of Candyland came to life for our youth group this week on Halloween… and I put the whole shin dig on… and I sort of promised pictures this week… but… *cough*… it was a WILD… crazy ADVENTURE… and this chick didn’t get to be the photographer… with very little time before or after .. and nevermind during.. my pictures of the event aren’t stellar…they were taken quickly and my stupid snap and shoot isn’t great with indoor lighting either and maybe I haven’t learned how to use the features it has… the auto feature doesn’t do well with crappy lighting… so… without sharing any of the faces of the Youth or leaders… here is a peek of my limited not so stellar pics  that aren’t fabulous… but…. I’ll share b/c I said I would!  at least you’ll get a glimpse!

for the record… I was so bummed I didn’t have time to capture some great shots before the whole thing got out of control!  =)

here is a beginning stages of planning… creating… =) Candycanes… the little guys one would move around the board… the beginning of the lolly pops


Gumdrop Pass/Mountains  and Jolly!

I made the pink squares like… little “gumdrop” … kinda pictured above *ugh*

oh… commercial break…

we had a mini trick or treat adventure downtown first!

many local businesses passed out candy and coupons… it was fun… something new we hadn’t done before…

Mrs. Robot, Lord Licorice’s son & Ribbon Girl! =)


Princess Lolly doesn’t know about my blog.. so I can’t share my really fun pic of her in Lollypop forest… =)  alas… here is a blurry pic of her wild legs!  it was so fun to have  “youth leaders” dress up at every stop on the board game!

Princess Lolly, Queen Frostine and King Kandy threw candy at each other and the kids… Gramma Nut threw peanuts at them… Lord Licorice cracked jokes at them… Mr. Mint was silly…  it was SO funny!! =)


from the beginning of the game

to the end of the game

there was a character to welcome the “kids” …with Candy of course!!

all 16 of them… ages 11-19 … seemed to love it…

SO FUN planning , creating and conducting this crazy life sized board game!

but … it was exhausting… man I am getting old! ha ha! =)

want to see a few more pics

to give you a better idea of what it all looked like

so remember the  clip of Lord Licorice above … from the actual board game… yeah… my man played Lord Licorice in our life sized game… he was SOOOOOO  Handsome!! lol…

he was a good sport about it! lol! =)

OH… and I was the runner with all the cards in my hand… giving them their next turns… chaos… fun… fabulous…chaos… so I dressed as a little girl in overalls… like the one on the actual board =)

again… sorry about the poor quality – half hearted pics

a glimpse of the lollypop forest

gramma nut & her peanut brittle house …

Mr. Mint’s Peppermint forest…

Queen Frostine’s area was SOOOO cool… and I got nothing!!

no pics… well… except one or two with her in them…  but …

she doesn’t know about my blog either…

I’m a little shy about my blog with my local friends!! ha ha

anywho… thats all I got folks… I had high hopes for time to properly photograph our fabulous giant creation… sad… anyway… y’all get the idea!

we stored the game at church (though I considered selling it on Craigslist) Hopefully we’ll use it again next year… or maybe we’ll play life sized clue??  who knows?! Apparently Life Sized Board Games are a hoot!!

I found great ideas from folks who have done this before… I love the land of blog… where I got many of my ideas!! =)


Looking forward to seeing your interpretations of the Scavenger Hunt!

and if you don’t play along… come check it out… Ashley is sweet… her new baby is adorable and regularly featured in the hunt now.. 😉  and

it’s Fun!  and it is a great way to share my week in this land o blog

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Have a Great Week !


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