November Sunny er…Sunday Post

Sunny skies this week in Washington.  odd for November. usually its record rainfalls …a.k.a. wet, wet, wet… Nov. usually = flooding… not so much this year.   I am super thankful we’ve had a fairly mild November… at the same time I would like to note that my heart is with those on the East Coast who have not had a mild November, rather, have experienced horrific weather and storms this month… I pray that as winter continues to creep upon us … that you experience the love and attention(help) y’all need to recover from Sandy  and the wake she left behind…as quickly as possible.

anywho…my week  Scavenger Hunt Sunday style (and on Sunday too I’d like to add… rare for me!) = ) This weeks prompts were:  whimsical, vintage, nature, cooking, best of week

I am so indecisive … did I spell that right? hm…so I doubled up and my pics could have all been interchanged … its been an odd week.


Whimsical means playful in nature or something like that … right?! 😉

kicking leaves in fall never ever gets old!

we went on a few Fall walks this week – did someone say sunshine this week!

Merlin is playful in nature  =) it was hard to get him to sit & stay for a pic!!

honestly when I think of whimsical I think of flow-y,  fairy-ish, frill-y, feather-y, fun,  etc.  anywho…  see that stunning yellow Ginko tree  back there… THAT is whimsical to me…  the leaves are fanlike… they remind me of butterfly wings… fairy wings… flow~y, fun, frill~y, feather~y, etc.etc.  whimsical… want a closer look?

Weeks best (favorite). or whimsical. nature. all tied in one =)

Aren’t the leaves dreamy?  =)

When my sister Linda and I were 9 & 10 years old we had red and white striped footed PJ’s.. the kind that zip from head to toe… we wanted to make scarecrows with them.  so we shook … yes .. shook all the leaves off our neighbors beautiful Ginko tree (oops) and stuffed our PJ’s with the leaves…cute scarecrows they were!  and yeah… we got caught & grounded… (we did it in plain sight.. we figured the leaves would fall off anyway so we were really doing them a favor by pickin  up all the leaves) *sigh* anyway…

Ginko Trees are my Favorite kind of tree. probably. well today they are.

fun memories. beautiful. stunning. whimsical (playful) trees. =)

nature (or vintage or weeks  best favorite) x 2

this old girl is OLD…vintage you might say.  she has weathered many wind, rain and  ice storms in her day.  she is too frail to hold herself up anymore… so she has to wear braces.

I have fond memories in this tree too. climbing it in my teen years… ok fine. in my twenties too! Sammy is dying to climb it too… but since the old girl is too old now… I won’t let him.  now that I have good strong common sense! =)

here is a better shot of her…

sad really. but still so beautiful in her old age. eh? =)

I love that beautiful old tree. every year we loose a few of our old old old  trees to wild weather.  its sad. last year we lost too many.  one by one they disappear and young ones are planted.  young whipper snappers. =)  ah. well… change. sometimes I don’t like it!  it makes me feel old to admit that!

cooking (or vintage) or whimsical)… lol… I’m very indecisive this week!

wait. this ain’t food.  technically it is. =) ? right?  so I made these cute (whimsical) little pumpkins .. and set them near my mama’s old vintage clock… cute, cute & an easy sneezy craft! I’ll try to post a wee tutorial tomorrow… they make great center pieces for Thanksgiving!  anyway… I did cook this week. even made pumpkin pancakes.  but I forgot to photograph food this week.  I made Thai Peanut Chicken, Cider pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, molasses pancakes (yum), mac and cheese, banana cake with frosting (yum)… and  not a single food picture! yes I love pancakes. its my one and only gluten free bread product that I love.


I LOVE this retro tea pot style electric kettle !

I mean the design on it could have been cuter. but who cares?

I NEED it.  I want it. I WILL have it. the end. =)

my birthday is coming up… and I am 99 % sure my kids will talk daddy into buying it for me. b/c I’ve made sure they know I want it for my birthday! lol!

hm. I wonder if I can find a cuter design with my friend google?



this is Abby and her friend Maddie… Maddies feet/legs… and Abby grinning away… Abby had a sleepover with four girls… and they each posed similar to this with Abby’s scrawny legs  and their torsos … including Abby’s purple PJ bottoms… it was hysterical… b/c they all had the same legs… yet the pictures seemed kinda normal… you’d have to see them all… alas… my silly blog rule… OH wait…. I have one of Sammy…

with Abby’s legs of course… looks kinda normal… yet… odd. =)

anyway… I had tears streaming down my cheeks photographing this sillyness!  =)  I posted them on facebook. They look almost normal… yet… odd.  something is just a little off. too funny.  I can’t wait to see comments and see if people realize what the girls/kids were up to!  =)

I’ll report back next week if you like.

after the sun rises (or not) and sets (or not) for yet another 7 days!



Have a great week!



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