I’m a Tree Hugger at heart =)

Yep… its true… I hate to see trees get cut down…

living in Washington ~  the Evergreen State…its hard not to love trees!

Anyway… I’ll get to that point in a minute…

Hope everyone had a lovely (Thanksgiving?) weekend!

We had good family time with some of my immediate family and good family time with some of our church family too… always a blessing! =)

and yummy food all. weekend. long.

this week will be less glamorous in the food dept.  tragic!

busy week last week =  I hardly touched my camera!

so I am stretching the prompts a teeeeny tiny bit! =)

the week:  couple, kitchen, bubbles, Home or Thankful, Trees


aren’t these two an odd couple?  cousin pups.  =)

beggars is what they are!  a couple a beggars! =)

outside was the only way to keep them out of the kitchen

lucky for them it wasn’t raining! ha ha


It could prove to be very a very comical adventure if I counted how many pancakes we cook in our kitchen next year – January 1 – December  31.   I/we make an obscene amount of pancakes in our kitchen!!  this time of year I buy the oh so yummy Apple Cider at Trader Joes and make a lot of Cinnamon Apple Cider pancakes, Pumpkin Apple Cider pancakes or Molasses Apple Cider pancakes… OH yum. Many gluten free… for the mama (thats me)… and many gluten filled for my baby birds!  the end.


terrible pic… but my only bubble pic … my Kitchen has terrible lighting!

I often have to hand wash my Pyrex measuring cups… new ones, old ones, big ones, small ones… I use them for EVERYTHING…

seriously I go through 4-5 a day!  =)

bubble bubble!!

Home ~ Trees ~ Thankful ~ Trees ~ Home ~Trees

these lovely trees behind our house aren’t exactly healthy

(far right = dead tree…one next to it…nearly dead… so sad)

sick, dead or not~they offer shelter, food, homes to feathered friends

even bats & owls & furry critters (all of which our cat often hunts)

but we won’t talk about that


they aren’t our trees … they are on HOA ground

I love hate our wee little forest just 50 feet from my back door

they scare the daylights out of  me during blustery weather

basically from Nov – May =)

the HOA hired some tree guys to take down the dead/sick ones on Sat

up up up he went

like a monkey – seriously as fast as Curious George!

I need me a pair of spikey boots! lol!

although we have 7-8 -9 unhealthy trees behind our house

we only lost two trees this weekend

love hate

hate to see them go…but

I am Thankful they are gone b/c

falling distance would split our home in two =)

the tree guy (as my kids called him)

scaled the two trees and tethered them

and just like that… the dead one is gone (3 minutes tops)

see the tree guy down there with his chain saw


less than 3 minutes later


Man Alive those babies make a Loud earth rattling noise when they drop

all 100 plus feet of them (KaBOOM!) – dead or not- Scary!!  yikes!

they also had to go down to the City trail behind the green belt

(about 50 yards from the tree line – which is only 50 feet from my back door)

Sooo –  they  went down to the trail to saw open the pathway =)

(maybe we’ll explore down there today and get pics?)

it feels so empty

a hole in our wee little forest

Sammy can’t wait to count the rings =)

at least he’ll get a Science lesson out of the deal =)


we’ll see a little more of the sunrise every morning

and a little less morning shade in the summer

(not sure if that is a perk yet) lol


that was our highlight of the weekend!

How about you…

any exciting highlights in your Thanksgiving weekend?!

OH… and…

Are you decorating for Christmas yet ??

or are you like me … and wait until at least Dec 1st arrives??! =)

sometimes my emotions want to decorate Thanksgiving weekend

but my head tells me it is not right…

(sometimes its painful being me… ha ha ha)

you see… my birthday is early Dec and I had Christmas decorations for my parties EVERY single year (my mom decorated before Thanksgiving sometimes) and I got weary of a Christmas birthday every year… now my brain can’t get over it… lol.. =)  see … painful. =)

see you next week!



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