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Fifty ~ 50 ~ Five times Ten ~ 25 +25 ~ Fifty

My blog log tells me that today’s post is my 50th! I have that much to say!? Apparently I do…  Today I am going to ramble 50 things about myself… All about Me, myself and I……… are you ready for this madness?? 50 can’t be that many ~ right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1.  I love being a […]

Hiding behind a mask…

Deep Thoughts by Just Jenn~ I was thinking this morning… about these cute masks that my sweet little girl made this weekend… Isn’t it cute?!! we made them at one of her birthday parties years ago … THIS  cute mask she made yesterday… and now it has got me thinking…. first you will need a […]

Feline Rebellion

Meet the Rest of Our Family ~ Nana and Nelly Which came first the cats or dog?? Cats. They are typical cats… demanding food and attention whenever they want it. But we love them… We used to play with them… feathers and laser lights… we used to give them treats and wet foot at night… […]


I have an obsession! Buying old books! Really old books. Old History books, old kids books, old christian living, old bibles, old railroad building guides, old fairy tales, old fiction,  classics…. it gives me unexplainable joy to buy old books. see what a nut I am! I don’t know why. I NEVER read! I want […]

Lucky day after all~

Ladies… you will laugh… or maybe just smile… Remember me saying our “lucky” 4 leaf clovers haven’t brought us any luck?!! Just yesterday!      ha ha… Jokes on me…. Look what I won ~ after my post ~ yesterday!!! Tammy at TammysTwoCents is a local friend of mine… and she was doing her first […]

Things a girl can do ~

With Scissors, fabric, 4 leaf clovers, flax seed and some paint! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ one post… a few supplies… a few odd projects … a little girl and boy… and a pair of scissors! just some odds and ends in my wee little brain… Let’s begin shall we?! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So we had – past tense – HAD…. […]

The First week of March….

Cherry Blossoms should remind us of new life… but every year they remind me of death. On February 28, 2001 there was an Earthquake that hit the Pacific Northwest.. I can’t remember exactly what the magnitude was… 6. something?   It shook hard enough to damage some buildings… enough to scare people here in the Pacific […]

I am not posting today.. I won’t … I refuse!

fine. one word. well. one sentence. or two. maybe three. who am i kidding? Today I don’t feel like talking about food. Thursday is my food day. You don’t really want me to talk anyway… with this uninspired mind. how about a picture… I am going to spend my day visiting  you. in between first […]

Laughter ~ Have I mentioned I love laughing ~ I crave it ~ I need it ~ I am addicted to it!

So the other day I was over visiting Debby at Just Breathe and she had posted this… Debby you have no idea how much laughter you blessed us with!!  Thank you! not only did I laugh so hard I cried ~ so did Mr.McFunny ~ aka the spouse ~ who makes me laugh all the […]

“Just Tell Yourself, Duckie, your really quite Lucky.” Dr. Seuss

A talented man, with a childlike mind, had many many wise words to leave behind. Quotes by Dr. Seuss ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.” ~~  “You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the […]