8 Pioneer Woman Recipes cooked in 6 days~

My Insane tactics for a Giveaway is nearly at its end!!

Click HERE to enter for  a signed copy of one of these!!

after you read my post of course!!

Only 14 hours and 2 recipes to go!!

(ending 2 hours early folks!  sorry but I am whipped!)

10 pm tonight I NEED to lay this madness to rest..

and start putting your names in the hat!

ok ~ so I might put them in the hat early if you have entered already!

but those of you who are new, visiting or late bloomers… still have until 10 pm!!


Yesterday was crazy busy ~ as will today be ~

My little lady ~ Abby is the speaker at Girl Scouts this week!

Pet Care planning has been taking place all week!  =)

What was I thinking?!  ending a Giveaway on the same day

I thrive on deadlines and madness!

anyway ~  last night I made these ~ because I said I would make one recipe a day! =)

scones are easy enough right?!~

Like I said ~ last night ~ end of a tiring day ~ what was I thinking?!

Mixed the dry ingredients~

Mixed the wet ingredients ~

Poured the wet into the dry ~ stirring ~


I forgot to blend the dry ingredients into the butter!!!  NO!!

So I did what any respectable woman would do in a baking crisis …

Yep!  I pulled out the cheese grater!

the “dough” was stiff

I could not blend the butter in with my trusty pastry blender

I tried!  =)

I needed to make the butter small…

like the little balls you get while using your pastry blender when you do it correctly!



but the pastry blender did not do the trick even with grated butter!

the dough was tough !


no worries…

off go the wedding rings…

in go the hands!

Worked like a charm with that cheese grated butter!

The dough turned out lovely !  Looks perfect doesn’t it?!

but will it taste ok!??  gulp!

I added raw sugar to the top to “help” the taste.. just in case!

They looked good when they came out of the oven…

resist temptation ~ don’t taste until they cool and have icing!!!

maybe I didn’t resist ~ Maybe it was FEAR!

put kids to bed ..

make yummy maple coffee flavored icing…


YUM! …

I may have Said really loud


at which time my husband comes to taste the sugary goodness!


the hubby thinks they were a little dry …

but my picky eaters loved them!!

anyone want to try one and tell me the truth?!!


feeling proud of my panic stricken cheese grated butter moment! =)

I might try that when making the vanilla bean scones again…

have you found those on her website?


to die for!!  yum!


OK ~ So ~  This week I have cooked:

Page  58 ~ Marmalade Muffins    (w/ blueberries)

Page  76  ~ Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes (oh my word)

Page  96 ~ Macaroni and Cheese

Page 128 ~ the Perfect Pie Crust

Page 126 ~ Chicken Pot Pie

Page 212 ~ Blackberry Cobbler (yum)

Page 120 ~ Perfect Pot Roast (heavenly)

Page 68 ~ Maple Pecan Scones (tasty!)

Today I hope to make the Angel Sugar Cookies again ~ made those the day of the book signing ~ the BEST darn sugar cookie you could ever EVER eat!  =)  We are going to try ~ TRY to cut them into BONE shaped cookies for the snack on Pet Care day at Girl Scouts tomorrow!!  =)

I might even make those yummy lookin Comfort Meatballs… because folks… I need comfort food one more day before I go on a salad only diet next week!!

I love love LOVE PW cooking ~

but a girl has to watch her butter intake when she has high cholesterol!   =)

Must go walk the pooch ~ the naughty cat chasing, monkey pot holder eating Dog of mine ~ before my busy day starts racing!  a tired puppy is a good puppy!!  =)  so I keep saying… one day it might come true!!

yes ~ he is actually howling at her ~ poor kitty ~

after he chased her, pinned her to the ground and tried to eat her!


who me?

uh-oh!  Gotta go!

Come back you…


Mine ~ no Mine ~ NO MINE !!

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  • 1 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    I see it is difficult to be angry with such a CUTE, naughty puppy…we must take pictures while scolding…tsk, tsk! 😉 I have the same problem with my Angel. Darn, cute, naughty puppies. You gotta love ’em. That’s why God made them so cute…to save them from a harsh whippin’. 😉

    Still counting on winning that cookbook, Jenn! C’mon…pull through for me, now! 🙂

  • 2 janna @ 2Cool4myMinivan yazmış:

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for one of those scones right now.

  • 3 blueviolet yazmış:

    The scones sound delicious and I wouldn’t even complain about dryness!

    I hope the bone cookies come out ok!

  • 4 naomig yazmış:

    🙂 Glad you’re enjoying her cookbook. I sure have… I’ve made SO MANY things out of it, and loved them all. 🙂

  • 5 Julianne yazmış:

    too funny!! i sure hope Clyde isn’t a chewer…yikes! or a howler…double yikes!! i want to make those angel cookies too…yum-o!

  • 6 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    O.M.G. Those look amazing and oh so yummy! You have made me crave her stuff all week long!

  • 7 Jules yazmış:

    Pick me! Pick me!

    Fast thinking with the butter…..they look delicious and I bet they were.

  • 8 Darcie yazmış:

    Very impressive…I think I thrive on deadlines too!

  • 9 Lemonade Makin' Mama yazmış:

    Okay I love you because I’m also afraid of cooking red meat… this comment is for two posts in case you didn’t get that… cause I’m a loser in blog land until homeschooling is done! (how many more weeks is that????) Ahem.

    I think we (we is used in it’s loosest sense of the word here) need to make the prune cake. I can’t wrap my brain around it, but I fully trust you to tell me if it’s as good as she promises it to be.

    I mean… since you obviously don’t have anything else going on in your life and all… (snicker)

  • 10 Laura yazmış:

    Look at you!! It’s like you ARE the PW! 🙂
    Those look YUMMY by the way. Glad you are enjoying the cookbook, I really really hope I can enjoy it too, ahem… 😉

  • 11 Alison yazmış:

    Jenn, I’m not able to locate your email address from your comment/message. Maybe I’m not smart enough… 😉 If you want to email me at randy-alison-h@juno.com I will send you my address. I definitely don’t wanna miss my prize!!! Hugs, Alison

  • 12 Jami yazmış:

    Great idea with the cheese-grated butter! I really want to try these. Couldn’t you just die for that Maple coffe icing? I was very afraid of it, but O. M. G. I may have eaten some by the spoonful. 😉