Pet Care ~ Girl Scout style ~

It all started with a lot a little planning …

Abby love love LOVES animals…

So this Badge was perfect for her…

I think her favorite part of the planning was this

The wee little lunch bag memory book…

A couple months ago Abby helped a younger troop

with their Pet Care Try-It..

and she did these memory books with them…

made out of lunch bags…

I can actually say do you remember this post now!! ??  =)

how exciting.. I have blog history now!


My least favorite part was “adding up the cost of a pet”…

invoice after invoice after invoice

*shudder*  =)

of course that is barely a peek into the planning that took place…

y’all get the idea, right!?

We spent hours and hours and HOURS planning…

OK… so a lot of the hours went into

the cutting of the scrapbook paper..

and the stickers, and ribbons, etc. etc.

What was I thinking???

That is what a good mommy does right?!  =)

Every spare minute in the last 2 days

were spent planning and refining the

Pet Care meeting…

including making dog bone cookies…

I used Ree’s Angel Sugar cookie recipe of course!

Looks promising!


yeah… not so much!

no worries…

we cut them again…

cute cute!

Yesterday afternoon the girls gathered


in a little circle so I could take a picture of their shoes

nothing to do with pet care really… just cute


We were outside waiting to pet the Therapy Dog …


Taz goes to schools to help kids who are struggling to focus on reading…

Taz’s owner came to tell the troop about Therapy dogs … and horses actually!

Therapy Dogs go into hospitals, nursing homes and schools…

These dogs  have clients that they “cheer up” …

it is a wonderful program ~

if you have a dog and want to help people in your  community ~

We are seriously considering it!

One day we might even volunteer to help

with our local Horse Therapy program too…

and maybe enroll  Sammy in the program …

it helps low muscle tone…

which Sammy has…

anyway… another incredible program!    just pricey!! =)

SO …

After a lesson in Therapy Dogs and Horses…

the girls went inside and

My little girl Lead the rest of the meeting!

she was nervous at first…

but she relaxed a little!

She even shined a little!

Well Done Abby!!

She really enjoyed asking the girls questions

and picking who got to answer!  =)

funny girl ~ likes power I guess!

Of course Making the Memory Books was a huge success!

The girls enjoyed creating their own scrapbook for their pets!

Abby is Making hers for Nelly…

Her lost kitty ~

Yesterday morning Abby finally had  a tiny let down about it ~

It has been more than 4 weeks now ~

It is hard to say goodbye to a pet that there isn’t really closure for…

Abby will make somethings special to remember Nelly by instead…

Maybe that will help her little broken heart to heal?

We loved that darn missing kitty!!

The memory book will be a very special book for her.


Abby didn’t originally get the Pet Care Badge as “her meeting” to plan…

that is another long story!

But God knew…

WAY back in September it would be perfect for her…

to do in May.


events took place that ended up giving

Abby that badge to plan…

and In an unexpected odd sort of way…

Running The Pet Care Badge meeting

is helping her accept one of many disappointments in life …

a little easier.



I did not plan this post to turn out quite that deep…

funny how the words flow around the pictures sometimes!


Hope you all have a Wonderful Mothers Day!!

if I don’t make it back here before then!!

I am working on the hubby to take us all to the beach for the day!!

wish me luck! =)

ta ta


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  • 1 Carol Busse yazmış:

    Hi Jenn,

    It sounds like a great Girl Scout program. Your daughter was shining in that photo. 🙂

    I can’t believe you went to Capernwray in England. Right before we moved back from England a couple of months ago, I hosted about 8 girls from Capernwray for dinner at our house. Several weeks later I provided a meal for them as they were doing their short term missions through our church in Lymm.

    Small world, eh?

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day and I do hope you get to go to the beach.

  • 2 naomig yazmış:

    Aw, what a sweetie. 🙂 Good job momma!

  • 3 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    That does look like a lot of work…but well worth it! Great job you guys! That’s awesome that your daughter made it through with flying colours. I can totally relate, I hate speaking in front of others!

  • 4 he & me + 3 yazmış:

    Wow that was a lot of work. I don’t remember that badge from when I was in girl scouts. What a sweet doggie.

  • 5 dysfunctional mom yazmış:

    That sounds like such a great experience for her, and the other girls too.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • 6 Tawny yazmış:

    What an fantastic story and journey! You have to be a super supportive momma for such a eager and motivated little one! You must be so proud! Girl Scouts are so wonderful for kiddos!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • 7 Debby Pucci yazmış:

    What a great post. Looks like it was a great get together. Love the photo of the feet/shoes. Sorry about Nelly ((HUGS))