Mr. Mailman, Bring me a post card ~ update ~

On April 27th

I wrote a blog post about our Post Card project ~

We started studying the 50 States and Capitals in January ~ and as I was pulling the lessons together I found a little project that someone had written to Family Fun Magazine about ~ they started by writing family and friends ~ asking for postcards to see if they could collect all 50 states!  What a fun way to enhance our study of the States!!  My husband (aka. my kids daddy) is Canadian… which makes our kids American and Canadian .. naturally we decided to learn a bit about each Province too… and Sammy is in a class about the 7 continents… so …well… we threw those into our project too!

You can see my original post about this fun project HERE. =)  Where I asked Bribed my blog friends to send us post cards from your State or travels you happen to be taking!

A few of my lovely readers have sent us post cards already ~

The kids were SO excited!!!

We want to say a special Thank you to :

Pennie From Mom Thoughts

She was the first reader to send us post cards

from Wisconsin!

Thank you Pennie!

Pennie has a heart of gold ~ she formed a Ministry group called SAMmy’s for mom’s ~ God has clearly blessed this ministry ~ I am blessed to have found Pennie in the land of blog!

Mr. Mailman  brought us a couple more postcards

from South Carolina ~

Aundrea and her sweet family sent us two postcards –

perfect!  one for each child!  I recently met Aundrea ~ who blogs from the heart!  I am glad to have added her to my list of new blog friends! Thank you Aundrea!!  Your clovers will be put in the mail later today!

Mr. Mailman brought us a postcard from Jennifer in Ontario Canada too !

Thank you Jennifer!!  Your 4 leaf clover is going in the mail later today too!  =)

One of my favorite home school resources is this wonderful little book.

It has clearly laid out pages with just enough facts about each state.

To satisfy the curiosity of a 1st or 2nd grader!

Sammy is 7 years old ~ and it is perfect for his age level!

Sammy uses that “globe” to enlarge smaller print…

it has a 4x zoom =)  works fantastic!

We are also using this coloring book about Canada!

it containsFabulous tid bits

(not Tim bits) =)

about Canada’s history!

I am still looking for a book with Province facts!

We have a number of other resources that are flash card style, activity pages and a national geographic book that has too much detail for his age… but we can pull a few interesting facts out of!

Anyway ~

We are still in need of MANY states ~

if you already said you would send me one

on my original post

and i never responded ~ I am SO sorry!

I stupidly posted that the day before my giveaway!!

and my email was overloaded!!  =)

I tried to respond ~ but likely did not to everyone!!


Please take a peek at the map ~ if you don’t see your state covered with a postcard~

we would LOVE to receive a post card from you too!!

I am offering (bribing you with) our cute 4 leaf clover cards

I will send them to all who send us a postcard!!  =)

and I will personally Thank you on my blog!!

If you don’t really want a 4 leaf clover ~

that is ok..

maybe you want just want to send them to bring joy

to this sweet little guy ~

and this sweet little soul…

They would be forever grateful

if you were willing to help them fill up this map!!

We are not even half way there yet!!

Please take a look and see if we need your state ~

and then leave us a comment with your email

so we can send you our address!!

Please!?!  =)

I better go pick up my little girl ~ speaking of kids!!

Thank you!

Bless you!

ta ta


24 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 LeAnna yazmış:

    I’ll send you one from Oklahoma! 🙂

  • 2 Bringing Pretty Back yazmış:

    I believe you already havce on from Michigan, but I could send you another one if you would like! Thanks so mych for stopping by my blog! agree! He is overrated!

  • 3 Darcie yazmış:

    I would LOVE to help out. I thought I had offered before, but I don’t remember getting your address. Sorry if you sent it and I missed it. Send me your address and I will see what I can do. 🙂

  • 4 kendra yazmış:

    I would love to send you one from Montana. My email is


  • 5 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    I would love to help…we are in Michigan. If you need one from Michigan send me your address and I will be glad to send a post card. Thanks! How fun.

  • 6 Darlene yazmış:

    Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean… there are no private parts anymore. They’re all up for grabs! Love your idea on the 50 States. Even though we don’t home school, it seems like something the kids would enjoy. Everyone loves getting mail!

  • 7 carissa at lowercase letters yazmış:

    what a great idea!!! i love it. i must remember this when my kiddies get older. looks like you’ve got south carolina covered! : )

    thanks so much for stopping by and your oh so sweet comment! it’s great to “meet” you too!

  • 8 Steph yazmış:

    I am not gonna lie I almost had a heart attack! I feel terrible I have not sent the post card yet…tomorrow or for sure by Monday!!!!!!! eeek =/

  • 9 julie yazmış:

    Ask and you shall receive my dear.
    Toffee crack addiction starts now:


  • 10 Michelle yazmış:

    I’d love to send you one from West Virginia! 🙂

  • 11 dysfunctional mom yazmış:

    I think someone offered to send you one from Florida when you posted the first time, but if not, let me know!

  • 12 abby yazmış:

    I am SO sorry! I totally forgot to send a postcard! We’ve been so crazy lately!!! I will try to get one this weekend and get it in the mail!!! Sorry!

  • 13 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    I’m so glad you got the cards. I love this project – how fun! And, glad I could be part of it!
    I have an email I want to forward to you about bears in Wisconsin…Sammy will love it!

  • 14 Beth yazmış:

    OHIO…I claim OHIO! Let me know your mailing address so I can send it asap!

  • 15 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    Oh snap, I totally missed that post! And I see you have one from Calgary already. What a great idea though!

  • 16 Rachel Cotterill yazmış:

    That’s such a great project! If you decide to do Europe next, then I’m first in line for England, and can help you find plenty of other European bloggers to help out 🙂

  • 17 The Little Red Shop yazmış:

    Ooh..I studied in NH and might still have a postcard! I’d be happy to send it to you for your great project! I’ll see if I have anything else that would work to fill in your states!

    Have a gorgeous weekend!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I’ve continued to think about Nelly and pray for her too. Whenever one of my outdoor kitties has disappeared…I’ve just prayed that they not be in pain…off hurting somewhere. Buddy returned…twice…and is now retired and off snoozing somewhere in the house. Johnny is in heaven. I choose to believe that! (I don’t remember if you read about him…there is a link in my current post). I’m praying for comfort for you with your sweet Nelly. : (

  • 18 The Little Red Shop yazmış:

    ps I will most likely be driving through Montana, North Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska within the next couple of weeks!

  • 19 blueviolet yazmış:

    It’s really coming along so well! I love it!!! I can see that my state is covered already, and I’m happy and sad about it. Best project ever!

  • 20 Rhonda yazmış:

    Hey, I have another blogfriend that did this last summer and they got all 50 states! I know you will too. I’d love to send a couple from AR.

  • 21 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Don’t ya just LOVE Family Fun? It’s arrival is so much fun!

    P.S. I’m your swap partner via Cyndy!

  • 22 Misty Dawn yazmış:

    I can send one from Missouri! I’d be glad to participate.

  • 23 Jenn yazmış:

    looks like you already have a volunteer from Ohio but let me know if you still need one. I’m also going to Texas and Arkansas in two weeks so I could get those too!

  • 24 dysfunctional mom yazmış:

    I wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you, but I am having a ridiculously hard time finding a postcard! I live in Florida for crying out loud and I have looked everywhere! But I am still looking and will get it out ASAP! =)