Wonder Twins, Cowboys and Alligators

What in the world do The Wonder Twins, Cowboys and Alligators have in Common?

It is simple really

Let me tell you

They all sent us mail this week.

We had a few giggles with the post cards that arrived this week.

This Post Card Project has been a Blast for the kids

and the mom!


We received surprise post cards in the mail from Uncle Brett!

Apparently he traveled to Minnesota last week!~  Sneaky! =)

Thank you Uncle Brett!!  The kids LOVED the surprise postcards!!

The kids think you went there just for them!  ha ha!


Do you all know this story??

If you don’t ~ You HAVE to get it ~

Borrow it from the library ~

borrow it from a friend ~ BUY it ~

Steal it!!   if you have to….  (ok maybe stealing isn’t a good idea!)

and Then have your funny husband read it with all his  funny voices….

and the voice should change

especially as the gator gets smaller and smaller towards the end.

You won’t regret it…  =)

and If your kids really like it …

then go buy this one too…

because it is almost as funny as the first one.

I wonder if I could talk my husband into reading Vlogging a few of our favorite stories for you all… beg in my comments and He might!!  You won’t regret it!!

You See he animates while he is reading stories

I LOVE listening to my man read to the kids…

PRICELESS entertainment!

I am usually found rolling on the floor when he reading them a book!

So childish and ridiculous …

I mean I should really LET the MAN read!!


So easily distracted I am … how does this apply you ask?


We were attacked when we got home from the mailbox one day this week

Don’t worry …

Sammy is an experienced Gator catcher!

They are all in their Gator cages again!

and the post card made it to the map!

Which is nearly Half Full Now!!

Thank you Cyndy @ Putting the Fun in DysFUNctional

for Sending us an Alligator Postcard from FL ~

We have a few alligator fans in the house!  They loved it!


and just when we thought we had enough excitement for one week…

Our friends the Wonder Twins sent us a post card from South Dakota ~

The Wonder Twins and I go way back…


To the 70’s

I loved the Wonder Twins back then!

I probably liked them b/c they had a monkey.

and you all know I like monkeys, right?

what can I say…

monkeys are funny and I love to laugh!

so  really


One of the Wonder Twins signed our postcard …

we have proof…

what more do you need…

I have her signature right there!  =)

on the back of  that South Dakota post card!

OK so that one made me laugh…

my kids had to ask who the Wonder Twins were…


and sweet Abby …she is holding a signed post card

from a REAL life Rodeo Cowboy!

I wonder what he looked like??

I  imagine he was Handsome!

How cool is that ??   it gets cooler… really…

b/c the Wonder Twins had him sign it!!  Honest!

I imagine that only Handsome Rodeo Cowboys  sign post cards for the Wonder Twins!!

Presenting Rodeo Cowboy ~ Tom Wagner ~

as Pioneer Woman would say

Help me Rhonda!  =)


So really folks…

we had a wild and crazy week !

and you wouldn’t believe the conversations we have had about “what is a cowboy anyway?”  and “how is a Rodeo cowboy different than a regular cowboy?”   I think I need to go on a field road trip to investigate the difference… any one want to come with me on my cowboy road trip??

So um… Wonder Twins ..  and rodeo cowboy…

Thanks for the Post Cards!!  I think I know who you are!



We Would LOVE your help filling our Map of Post Cards!!

We have  the following states already:

WA, OR, CA, KY, WY, MN, CO, NV, TX, FL, SC, WI, MI, MT, and KS.

if one of these states is NOT your state…

or a state you will be traveling to this summer~

We would love your help filling our map!

Please leave a comment and I will send you our address!

Thank you!!


Have a great weekend folks

I will see you on the other side!!

Jenn ~

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  • 1 Cindy yazmış:

    Oh goodness…Love the Wonder Twins!
    Enjoy the night

  • 2 Maria@PersonalizedSketches yazmış:

    cute post!

    I would love to send a post card from here in Savannah, Georgia…

    Blessings & Aloha!
    oh…a vlog of your husband narrating the Alligator stories would be fun :o) My hubby cracks me up too…when he does the different voices and lines from movies like Nacho Libre, Pink Panther, etc…(thank you also for stopping by! It is amazing to me too that my hubby and I have known each other longer than the time that we hadn’t known each other…and that we are getting close to 30 yrs married!)

  • 3 The Little Red Shop yazmış:

    I’ll never tell! : ) Tom Wagoner was quite the gentleman. He’s a Rodeo Pick Up Man. That’s the cowboy who swoops in and scoops the riders off of their buckin’ broncos after they’ve hit their time in the competition.

    Have a blessed weekend,

    : )

    Julie M.

  • 4 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    Woo hoo. you are just going to have to get a bigger map. They are getting so many and those alligator things are so cute. I have read that book. So cute.

  • 5 Claudia yazmış:

    We have never heard about Zack’s Alligator here in Germany – but I think I will have a look at Amazon or better – record your husband while reading it and post it on your blog.. ;=)

  • 6 Tammy yazmış:

    I can picture your hubby reading in his many voices…oh my! lol

  • 7 JDaniel4's Mom yazmış:

    Thanks for stopping by. I love your map and post card activity. The gator book looks really fun.

  • 8 Erika yazmış:

    Oh this is FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you for a great idea! you have my two states or I would help you out (WA & OR), but tell me… how did you enlarge the map? Kinko’s??? How does one do that? Thank you 🙂

  • 9 Pennie yazmış:

    Oh, Wonder Twins…activate! I SO remember them!

    And, Jenn’s Hubby…PLEASE vlog us a story! There’s noboy in this house who will read to me! I need to rely on my computer! Won’t you PUH-LEAZE???????

  • 10 Bringing Pretty Back yazmış:

    I wish you didn’t have a post card from Michigan because I woulfd love to send one to you! I really hope you can talk your hubby into a vlog! Maybe it should hit you tube!
    Have a pretty day,

  • 11 kay yazmış:

    i can sure send one from the beautiful and cold state of utah if you send me your address! cute project, cute kids!