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If you Give a Dog a Bone …

If you give a dog a bone… He’ll take it… He likes bones he might even chew it … for a minute… until he finds your nick nack on the shelf… and when you take your nick nack away and give him a new toy which put you out  $ 4.99 He will shred it in […]

Quack, Quack, Quack…

Yep ~ Just 3 Little ducks went out to play … 1 little duck went out with friends… and the mommy duck just wanted to say… Quack Quack Quack.. and have that little duck come back! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come back little duck!!! It is dangerous in uncharted waters!! Come back! *sigh* quack… Don’t worry … I […]

“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

***It is Post Card Update Time *** Each time we receive a post card or two ~ I will post an update on The Post Card Project To Thank Those of you who are sending them in for us!! We couldn’t do it without you!!  =) I am shamefully behind in sending out our Hand […]

Gooey Goodness ~

There is a first time for everything At nearly 40 I have never ever made cinnamon rolls!  ever! See ~ I made these ! Well… I don’t really have proof that ” I “ made them! we did break child labor laws use some child labor she was having fun HONEST measure that oil correctly […]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Spring Cold Edition

Thank you Mr. Cottonwood Tree … I LOVE that Neti Pot … it helps me breathe!! if you have never tried one … what is wrong with you? ya all know I am kidding when I say that, right! =) seriously ~ Man up ~ be brave ~ use the Neti Pot! =) and Buckleys […]