You have some splainin to do Lucy!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Lucy

do you all know that??

Mr. McFunny and I  didn’t name Abby Lucy…

well… because the name Lucy DOES NOT go with our last name!!!

You are going to have to TRUST ME on that one…

sorry… I don’t share all our personal info publicly!!

Lets just say our last name is um… humorous!!

so no kids named Lucy!     =)

and I let the kids name their kitty cats…

No Lucy.

and of the two dogs we have invested in in the last 2 years…

both Males.

no Lucy.

our first puppy  was named Lewis…

it was the closest to Lucy I could get!!

anyway… sadly we lost Lewis to a medical condition 5 months after we got him…

click on his name for a good cry the blog post about him… sweet pup.

OK… really really rambling today

So we got to meet Lucy for the second time in our lives on Tuesday night…

Hello Lucy!!

she is a 4 year old Alligator!

ain’t she cute!!

I LOVE Lucy!!

I did not have the best seats in the house…

so bear with my zoomed in fuzzy pictures!!  =)

This is Scott Peterson  ~  The Washington Reptile Man!

he owns a LOT of reptiles

Oh  and a Reptile Zoo in Monroe Wa.

All you Washington mama’s might want to click on the link and have a look!

Could be an interesting “Day at the Zoo!” with the kids… He is really funny too!

I have never been to his Reptile Zoo…

The Reptile Man travels around doing School Assemblies…

He has come to Abby’s school 2-3 times in the last 6 years

bringing exciting, unique, poisonous or not so poisonous reptiles with him

he talks about each one

offering fun facts, fun stories and always gets the crowd laughing

Seriously he gets you laughing while he is talking about SNAKES… ew…

He DOES bring creepy snakes

Seriously … I hate snakes… HATE them… But this guy is Great Fun!!

I have seen him several times … the first time in 1995…

and I even held his HUGE Python “Baby” was her name…

I blogged about that HERE

So for some reason BIG snakes don’t bother me

it is the slithery kind…. well….


anyway… that picture of me with the snake is from 1995!!

I love love love the Turtles he has brought over the years

he lets them roam around the room

while he talks   =)

and well…

I LOVE Lucy!!!

look at her beautiful eyes

and her sharp pointy teeth

and those claws!!

and her skin(??) is SO SOFT!!

I now understand (not support) why people made purses out of them…

How RUDE!!

they are LOVELY creatures!

Good bye Lucy… We’ll come visit you at the zoo this summer!!

look at the love he has in his face for Sweet Lucy!!

and the last wild animal we saw on Tuesday night

was this crazy creature!!

ha ha

I wonder what he would do if he found a snake?


The funny thing about the Reptile Guy coming to Abby’s school was…

Last week Sammy and I had just done a tiny little lesson on snakes


we slipped in a snake lesson

because a teacher gave me these for him to color

and then cut out

and you “score” it on a dotted line right down the middle

and turn them into 3-D art

and it twists up a little more realistic

I even taught Sammy the riddle

I had learned from Scott Peterson … back in the day…

“If red touches yellow you are a dead fellow, if red touches black you are ok Jack”

but we did learn on Tuesday night an important fact I had forgotten

that riddle only works on snakes in the USA.

Apparently you are not ok Jack if red touches black in the Amazon!  =)

anyway… funny that we did a little snake lesson on Friday

and on Sunday when I unpacked Abby’s backpack

there was a note saying The Reptile Guy was coming!!


enough Lizard talk.

Have you all ever been a reptile zoo

or had a reptile guy visit your kids schools?

Will you come back tomorrow even though I talked about snakes today?

Luuuuuuuuuuucy, Where are you???



much to do today.

My little Girl Scout is the speaker in the House this afternoon!

off to assist her!!

I will visit y’all later…

starting with those who leave me comments!!

I love comments, don’t y’all love comments!!?

ta ta

The Poster Boy’s Wife

lots of links today

but really if y’all didn’t read about my Poster boy…

it is worth reading…

he he he

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