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Tuesday’s “tale” … Remembering Mom

Today I am finding it hard to blog about something light hearted… I hope you don’t mind if my ‘tale’ for the day is a bit ‘sad’.  Today would have been my mom’s 61st birthday.  In 2001, when my baby girl was just a few months old, my mom lost her life to cancer.  There […]

Weekend Adventures

Today I am driving north with my favorite hubby (oh wait… I only have one! LOL!) Anyway… we are waking up early, the kids will have hot cocoa and us grownups will have our much needed coffee,  we will take along yummy homemade chocolate banana bread and head North to see my husbands family in […]

Friday’s Fun Photo Day…

He did not waiste anytime… he was very ‘curious’ .. Merlin got bigger…. isn’t he adorable! Merlin is six months now… he still eats my plants, and our shoes, and chases the kitty cats… he is playing  with his BFF Ned right now… and later… he will sleep … we love and adore our puppy […]

Speaking of Opportunity

“… clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience…” Colossians 3:12 Today we all have the opportunity to have compassion.  Today we all have the opportunity to love.  Today we all have the opportunity to put our compassion and love into action.  Gracefully sharing my thoughts is not exactly a strength of mine…  I […]

Wednesday’s Word ~ Opportunity

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people…” Galations 6:10 ‘All people’ are made up from our family, our friends, our neighbors, our kids teachers, the vet, the dentist, store clerks, any people we meet.  Each day brings planned opportunities and unplanned opportunities to ‘do good’.  My wish is to seize […]

Tuesday’s Tips & Tales or is it tails?

Posting at 8 pm is not in my blogging plans!  Today has been one of ‘those’ kind of days…. this post was nearly done this morning … and again this afternoon … and tonight I deleted half of it twice??!!  sigh!  Apparently it is a “lesson learned day’ in the life of my new blog!   […]

Mondays Motivate Me

Truth be told, they really don’t!  I love my weekends ~ which are usually spent with my family taking some sort of adventure or tackling a project together!  Monday is always sort of dreaded as the day the weekend ended… making me sigh as I crawl out of bed on Monday morning!  Wanting to be […]

Let the blogging begin…

Hello bloggers!  My name is Jenn –  I am looking forward to this wild world of blogging! I decided my first blog will share why I am naming my blog ‘Seizing My Day’ … For the last decade this catch phrase sort of sums up my hope for each of my days… with the help […]