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A Love Photo

Today’s theme is: Your favorite photo of you and your love. All Week MamaM. at  has been hosting this LOVE story blog hop week! Such a fun week reading all those love stories out in blogland!  Today is pictures day…  don’t forget tomorrow there is one day left to participate!  Tomorrow’s theme is: 10 […]

Valentines Day – Five Question Friday!

Oh – I almost forgot – (cheesy coming up sorry!)  Happy ONE month anniversary to me!!  One month in my new beloved Blogland!!!  =)  whew… I am humbled every day…. reading, enjoying, laughing, crying, making mistakes!!!  Learning!  Loving this amazing new world!  It is my second life! (do y’all know Second Life??  I tease my […]

What do Beef Stew and Fruit Loops have in common?

Today is my “Think Food Thursdays”  – every Thursday I try to post about Heart Healthy Foods.  “Try” =) Yep ~ I confess ~ I have fallen off my mostly heart healthy wagon this week ladies! Who can blame a girl after 2 root canals and 2 crown preps in 8 days!!   I needed […]

*Kid Friendly* Photo Memory Book Craft Perfect Gift for Someone You LOVE! =)

Since I posted the wrong McLinky post today … OOPS!… I decided to not do the Proposal McLinky (my story is way way too long anyway.. I tried!)  =)   So.. Tuesday’s Post attempt #3!  I will actually ‘link’ Wednesdays post to MamaM.’s McLinky tomorrow .. when it is supposed to be linked… some of […]

Wednesday’s Word ~ Weddings ~ Its a Love McLinky thing this week!

OH How Embarassing!   ok… so a blond walks into a blog hop last night … on painkillers and thinks she is being clever posting the ‘night before’ … and she posts for Wed. instead of Tues!!!  =)  can I do that?  Did I mention I was on pain meds?!  sigh.. My favorite Wedding Day […]

How I met the Love of My Life …it’s a McLinky thing…

Just a quick note to fill y’all in on a little ‘secret’ … I …um… well… I am having root canals and crowns put in … a lot of them! sigh! ouch … both physically and $$ (hee hee) ! This will affect my posts by hours or days depending on the level of work […]

Five ~ 5 ~ Question Friday

Happy Morning Ya all!  One of my favorite bloggers MamaM. @ My Little Life hosts this fabulous 5 question friday McLinky and I am hooked!  She is hilarious by the way… so make sure you go on over and read her answers to the 5 questions! MamaM. is at  (next week – a real […]

Think Food Thursday ~ Think Green Smoothies!

What on earth is a green smoothie???  Sounds disgusting, eh?!  NO!!  Don’t let the spinach fool ya!  It really isn’t disgusting or even that bad tasting ~  I really LIKE them!  Yep ~ I like them!  Most days I would rather sip, slurp or chug my green smoothie than eat a salad!  Sound crazy, maybe!?   […]

Wednesday’s Word ~ “Words” (huh?)

I love words.  I am crazy about words!  I love word games.  I love making up my own words.  I love clever words.  I love learning new words.  I love things made with words.  I craft with words!  (I have a sweet valentines day craft/teacher gift idea with words coming up!)  As I have blog […]

Birth Stories Blog Hop? McLinky thing!

MamaM. from My Little Life is having this fabulous birth stories blog hop today! I love birth stories!  Here I am… Late!!  (I am always late!!) Morning has come and gone (I had a root canal yesterday… not my best morning!) 3:00 pm Westcoast time is still enough time to join the fun!  right?! Its […]